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As many of my clients, friends and family know

I left the flower business a few years back.

I'm having a blast doing commercial design.

(Currently working on a remodel of a resort in Calistoga.

And just started redesigning a major winery's tasting room


But then a friend asked that I design

her daughter's wedding.

And my friend has exceptional taste.

More importantly

she is one of those dream clients that say,

"Just do your thing"

How could I say no?

herb wreath

For starters, here's the

entrance to her house

where the weekend festivities began.

Do you see what I mean?


front door

The  ceremony was in the backyard.

Uber simple.

So important not to,  "gild the lily"

when it comes to the Napa Valley.

16 guests.

I reveled in the intimacy.

Kretchmer 0125

After the ceremony guests


wine on the patio.

Kretchmer 0021

Dinner was

at one long table.

Apparently toasting and conversation

went in to the wee hours of the morning.

The nearby pizza oven kept everyone warm.


The next day was the reception for 100 guests.

At my friend's winery - just as stunning as her home.

(She produces a cult wine with a private following.

Her waiting list has a waiting list.)  

being greeted

The setting called for more natural elements.

Too many flowers would have seemed

over the top, not appropriate.

And as few linens as possible.

Convincing the bartenders it was okay to see under the table took time.

outdoor apps

While designing the buffet

I felt I had died and gone to Heaven.

The European setting,

every single element - a designer's dream. 

Oh, and when the food arrived it actually was icing on the cake :)


Seating was provided inside and out.

A bit of a hot day.

dining outside

The stone walls kept the room

naturally cool.

indoor seating

The perfect spot for displaying the cake,

at the entrance to the cave.

Where a disco was set up

way down under.

Again, the merriment and dancing went late, late.


Such a great design experience

for a great friend.

cake table


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