road to coast

My ideal Sunday morning: 

picking a perfect breakfast spot & favorite nursery, 

jumping in the van,

heading west

towards the Northern California coast.

Bodega Head

I live in the Napa Valley.

It's beautiful.

But I often feel the need

to drive out and see

the ocean.

Reboots my brain. 


my favorite spots along the Way    




The ultimate nursery

My friends and I agree

we often go

just for creative inspiration. 

It's   designed brilliantly.

Cottage Gardens buddha

One of a kind:


blooming vines

herbs galore


and divine garden accessories.

Cottage Gardens
Willow Wood


Willow Wood Cafe


Oh so, so good.

It's just what you want

(to quote my Chef friend, Rick)

and perfectly prepared.

Inside Willow Wood


one of the best counters

to eat at

in the county,

Especially when you're on your own.


Urban Tree Farm

20 acres in Fulton

The selection is phenomenal.

Not only trees-plenty of perenials, herbs, etc.

A great walk.

Or hop in a golf cart with a sales clerk 

you'll learn so much.

olive trees in boxes


I love, love

magnolia trees. 

They provide wonderful shade.

And the blossoms are always stunning.

Tulip Magnolia


Topiaries always

make quite a statement.

Urban has many options.

At great prices.

Urban Tree Farm nurseries
Wild Flour outside

Wild Flour Bread Bakery


Like my Italian relatives say,

"la dolce vita!!"  

- live life to the fullest.  

This bakery helps. 

Their breads are pure genius.

Wild Flour inside


Get there early.  

There is often a line out the door.

And for very good reason.

Sonoma Hort

(as locals know it)

You could literally

plan an entire day here

walking the property.

Hort footpath

Maps are provided for visitors.



While casually strolling,

the grounds educate visitors as to

which plant to plant where. 

And showcase

eye-pleasing plant combinations

in their natural  habitat.

Hort bridge


Relevant plants are

sold along the way.

(Also in

massive greenhouses

which are closer to parking :)

Hort Signage
Howard's outside 2

Howard's Station Cafe


Bring a good appetite.

Delicious, full plate breakfast.

Their welcoming spirit makes me feel at home.


my Grandfather once hosted the


4 of us Meeker

outdoor summertime variety show

at the firehouse

in nearby 

Camp Meeker.

I'm second from the right.

Western Hills Garden


Another nursery

that provides a beautiful

walking education.

Bring your camera

and a notepad.

Western 8


The 10 acre property is nestled in a canyon.

Every inch planted is breathtaking.

If you love waterways throughout a garden,

with bridges to cross over,

then you are going to lose yourself here.

western hills 2


When my neice,

Shevaun, was little,

she would ask,

"Do you remember

what these are called

Aunt Katy?"

Vauney's Forget-Me-Knots


A big reward

at the end of the canyon walk.

A plant sale like no other:

Species not found

anywhere else on this continent.

western hills 5
trough 1


Back at Home

Container planting:

Succulents are so

easy to arrange.

And maintain.

The colors rock my world

(and garden).  


In My Garden:

Cornus Florida Dogwood Trees

4 in a row.

Pure heaven.

Thank you Sonoma Hort.

4 herbs



Always appreciated.

I potted these four

-lavender     -lemon balm -stevia        -mint 

for my friend who is a

sweet tea connaissuer.

hyacinth in fruit orchard

In my Garden:


just started popping up

in my fruit orchard

a few years back.

What a gift.



Happy Spring!



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